Attunement is a sacred healing art
and spiritual practice that was
originated in the early 1930's by
Lloyd Arthur Meeker in Loveland
Colorado, who taught under the pen
name "Uranda" for nearly three
decades. He and his successor,
Martin Cecil, founded the
Emissaries of Divine Light and
Sunrise Ranch in Loveland,
Colorado, along with several other
spiritual communities which continue
to offer classes  in  the art of living
and spiritual transformation. They
also serve as retreat and conference
centers. Attunement is offered not
merely as a healing technique, but
more as a tool for bringing about
transformation in one's living.  
Attunement is a way of life.   
The Spirit of Love sets the Tone for
the manifestation of itself through
human form. The experience of health
in our bodies, minds and hearts is
consequent upon tonal harmony
between our Higher Self and our
human form.
By the same token, the manifestation
of dis-ease is the result of a lack of
such tonal harmony. Attunement
offers a way of restoring harmony
between  the Higher Self and the  
human self - of lifting the frequency of
one's consciousness and consequently
of one's physical body, to a level
where dis-ease cannot exist.  It is the
Tone of Love that makes this at all
possible. Attunement, then, is with the
Tone of the Spirit of Love.
Attunement can be shared between two people who come together in a meditative atmosphere. The one "receiving" the
attunement enters a meditative state with mind and heart fully present in the moment.  The one "giving" the attunement (the
server or practitioner) enters a state of consciousness centered in Source (God) and extends through his/her hands the radiant
current of God's love. The attunement current goes where it will and does what it has to do in the body-temple.  The server holds
the recipient between his/her hands and within the heart. The current of love, the Father within, does the work of healing.  
Share attunement to relax deeply, calm the heart and still the mind, deepen your connection with spirit, nurture life transitions and
change, support a healing process, enfold a person or situation, or simply to replenish your spirit.  Classes and workshops in
attunement are available in many places throughout the world.  Visit our
Seminar page to learn more about what is available here.
    For long distance healing & blessing . . . . . .
As a spiritual practice for self care and for centering your world
    As a spiritual practice for deepening and enriching one's connection with spirit - or God, if you prefer - one can use self-
    attunement as a tool in the transformation process.  This is an easy and deeply relaxing practice.  

    1. Simply find a time to just be still and silent for twenty minutes daily.  The dynamic of silence alone is transforming in
    itself.  In a sitting position, open your heart and mind to God while letting go of all your thoughts.  Think of your breathing in
    order to bring your mind completely in the present moment.  Be totally present in the here and now. There's nothing to
    "achieve" here, only to "be."  

    2. Let your heart be untroubled by the cares of your world.  Place your hands on your lap and open toward each other as
    though to hold a glass ball between them.  As you continue to open your heart and mind wider and focus your awareness of
    God's presence within you, and even more so of your presence within God, love will begin filling them from within.  Soon you
    will begin feeling a sense of oneness with love, with God, a sense of who your really are.

    3. As this infilling increases, you will also begin feeling a substance of light building between your hands, much like an
    inflating balloon. This is the substance of love.  Uranda coined the word "pneumaplasm" (spirit substance) to describe it and
    to speak of it.  Move your hands in and out to get a feel for this ball of energy and to see and know that it is real substance.   

    4. In your mind's eye, see yourself as nothing more than a point of light at the center of your world bathing and permeating it
    with light. Spend a few minutes with this so that you begin to know it as being so and feel it strongly.  Think of nothing more
    than just being that light, the light of your world, because this is who and what you truly are.

    5. Having thus centered yourself, you are now in position to take up your world again and begin working with it to bless it
    and to heal it.  Place between your hands and into this ball of light your world and all that it contains - the good, the bad, the
    beautiful and the ugly.  
    a.) Start with that which is closest to you, your own heart and feeling realm. Caress it in your love. Heal its pains  with
    forgiveness of past insult and injury
    b.) Next take your mind and bathe it in the light of your love, releasing all the energy held captive in past worries and future
    fears and making them available to you now.  
    c.) Finally, take your body and bless it with healing currents, taking each part individually, those that may be ailing in some
    way, into your loving hands to caress it and heal it, literally to bring it back into the whole of who and what you are so that it
    can be a fully functional part once again, the true meaning of healing and dynamic of the healing process.

    These three outer capacities of body, mind and heart are your closest and most faithful friends. Take care of them first
    before anything else in your world.  You cannot skip over them to offer a blessing "out there" without blessing them first.  
    This is loving your Self, and you can only love your neighbor as you love your Self. You are not merely human.  You are
    divine.  Loving you divine Self is the same as loving God.

    Having thus truly spent some time loving  and caring for yourself, you are now capable of loving and caring for your larger
    world out there.  Take care not to get too busy with this, however, so that you dissipate your reserve of substance filling all
    the needs you see around you in your world.  Take one thing at a time and work with it for a few minutes.  This may be all
    you do during this one sitting.  The rest can wait.  Always make sure that you have taken care of yourself and your own
    energy field before reaching out to your larger world.  You cannot give substance you do not have to others. This is the most
    important aspect of health care and bears doing on a daily basis, but especially when things get hectic and you feel yourself
    wearing thin.  Pause and take the time to refresh you spiritual substance. You needn't put it off until you go to church on
    Sunday, or Wednesday night prayer service, to do this spiritual centering.  Your body is your temple, your personal church
    where God lives and dwells with you always.  All you need do is pause and remember. Be still and know. Let attunement
    become a way of life for you, a way of living from out of the core of your being where love abides always and the gifts of
    spirit are freely available.  
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Attunement as a Sacred Healing Art . . . . . . .
Attunement can be shared long distance with someone in need of prayerful enfoldment during a health crisis or some other
stressful event in one's life.
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