Attunement with Sacred Sound Service

    Attunement is both a sacred healing art and a spiritual practice.  As a sacred healing art, attunement is an
    energy balancing art; a process of aligning the physical body with the spiritual or energetic Body by
    restoring harmony and coherence to the pneumaplasmic substance that connects them.  As a spiritual
    practice, attunement is accomplished by focusing a current of Love in one’s heart and letting Love radiate
    throughout one’s outer being without concern for any particular results.  Attunement with Love is our
    natural state of being.

    Attunement is administered by focusing and directing a current of life energy through the hands and into
    various gateways of energy in the body using a non-touch “laying-on of hands” technique. The endocrine
    system of hormonal glands and the Chakra centers of energy enveloping the body are key gateways of
    sacred energy accessed during an attunement session and worked with to bring about a state of energetic
    balance and harmony.

    Sacred Sound produced by Tibetan and quartz crystal “singing bowls,” specifically tuned tuning forks, and
    by the human voice creates a healing atmosphere . . . and so much more.  Offering a musical carrier wave
    for spirit and the healing current, Sacred Sound produces a heavenly harmony of tones that lift the heart
    and mind to peaceful heights of serenity and utter stillness. Sacred Sound actually transforms and realigns
    the molecules of the body bringing them into beautiful patterns of harmony that manifest a radiance of
    life. It is a tool for shifting to a higher and finer frequency.

    There is a definite and magical healing that occurs during attunement, often keenly felt as a peaceful and
    penetrating current moving deeply within at a core level. Some have compared it to touching heaven;
    others as being “kissed by an angel.”  One may come away feeling as though one has left this world and
    entered a realm of light and peace. I like to think of it as the “kingdom of heaven within” the Master Jesus
    invited us to enter, the inner closet where one may pray “in secret” to one’s “Father within.”  

    Attunement is not “given” but “shared” by two or more who come together in accord to intensify the
    healing vibration of Love. The whole and holy intention of attunement is to clarify and lift one’s own
    frequency of life energy to a higher level of vibration where disease and distress do not exist and where
    oneness with God and neighbor is known at a core level   

    Attunement can be used to lift one’s spirit, calm one’s heart, still one’s mind, and offer healing to one’s
    body.  It can also be used to send healing currents to loved ones long distance or to enfold a life situation
    in love for peaceful resolution. With little training, anyone and everyone can do this.

    Harmony and balance are keys to health, happiness and longevity. Attunement with sacred sound offers
    all this and more as one includes periodic attunements in one’s health and wellness care and makes
    attunement a way of life. Thankfulness in all things keeps one attuned with Life’s creative flow. Self-
    attunement is taught and recommended as a way of re-visiting the sacred space created during an
    attunement session in one’s private moments of quiet and meditation and as a morning and evening
    sanctification practice.

    Attunements are offered freely. Love offerings are deeply appreciated. I invite you to call today to
    schedule an attunement.  Call anytime, day or night,  for long distance attunements.

                                                                                                                                                                  Anthony Palombo
                                                                                                                                                                     (337) 802-5510