CLINICAL NUTRITION  is the science of trophotherapy, a
science of "natural medicines" that explores the use of
nutritional and herbal formulations in the healing and
rehabilitation processes in health care, often and ideally
complementary to traditional therapies.
CONTACT REFLEX ANALYSIS  is a method of muscle testing  discovered by Dr.
George Goodheart and further developed for clinical application by Dr. Richard
Versendaal,  to obtain information from the body about the nature of its ailments and
how best to treat them.  
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The products we use are whole-food preparations  as
they come from Mother Nature, most of them produced by
Standard Process Laboratories,    grown in the mineral-
rich soil of Wisconsin.
Our herbs are the finest Australia has to offer through
Medi-Herb, a subsidiary of  Standard Process Labs.
By touching specific "contact points" on the body and then muscle testing to see if
they are reactive, we are now able to determine, with amazing accuracy and
consistency, whether an organ or system is malfunctioning or has an infection.  
A specific nutrient or herb is then placed in the patient's hand and the muscle test is
performed again to determine whether or not that product will contribute to the healing
of the ailment and the restoration of normal function.
This method of muscle testing can be used to determine information of all sorts.  For
example it can be used to see if a certain food is good or bad for someone or if a
person is allergic to it.  It is used to determine the position of a vertebra in the spine so
that it can be adjusted appropriately.  In short, muscle testing (a technique of
kinesiology) is a way of communicating with the innate intelligence of the body, which
is part of Universal Intelligence (or God), in order to obtain information that will be
helpful to the healing process, as well as to the successful and wholesome living of
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