Sacred Anatomy evokes deep currents in the heart for the
sacred in everyday life. The author takes you beyond
mainstream and even alternative health care to consider the
human body in its true purpose and function as a holy temple
and an instrument for the magic of creation.
Have you ever wondered how spirit steps down into flesh and
incarnates?  If indeed our bodies are temples of the living
God, as sacred scripture teaches, how does the spirit of God
dwell in them?  What is the mechanism through which spirit
incarnates so completely as to govern every detail of our
bodily functions?
Gain a deeper understanding of the sacred nature of your physical body.  Discover a new perspective of an
aspect of your anatomy that receives little attention until hormonal chemistry is thrown into a state of
imbalance.  Come to appreciate the vital role your seven endocrine glands play in bringing the gifts of spirit
and learn how illness plagues human existence when these gifts are withheld and hormonal glands fail to
funcion normally.  You will see clearly the role you play in determining which way this plays out in your
own life experience.
This book will profoundly change the way you view and treat your human capacities.  You will find both
inspiration and practical spirituality as you explore the chemistry and alchemy of the endocrine system
which sets the stage for the dance of spirit with flesh.
DR. ANTHONY  PALOMBO is a published health author and holistic practitioner of
chiropractic, attunement and clinical nutrition.  A number of his articles have
been featured in professional and organizational magazines and newsletters
over the course of his fifty-one years of service.  As a pioneer and entrepreneur
in the field  of vibrational healing, his keen interest in the sacred healing arts
has led him to travel both here and abroad as teacher and explorer, with
particular focus in the use of sound as a carrier wave for spirit in the healing and
transformational processes. His religious upbringing, which included seven
years in Catholic seminary, helped prepare him for his life's work as a spirit-
based physician and, early in his career, sent him in search on a spiritual path
which took him beyond his beliefs to a spiritual transformation of consciousness.
He currently resides in Lake Charles, Louisiana where he continues to offer his
services as a health coach and attunement practitioner. He publishes two blogs,
Lifting Tones and Healing Tones.  Contact the author at
Anthony J. Palombo, DC
Illustrated by David Stefaniak
Where spirit and flesh dance . . .
. . . in the fire of creation