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    The Creative Dynamics of Light and Sound

    A Carrier wave for Spirit                                                                              

    We are made of light and sound.  Light is spirit and sound a carrier wave for its creative expression.  In
    light are the vibrational frequencies that determine the intricate designs made manifest in the natural
    world.  In sound are the energy pulses and waves upon which spirit is carried and by which molecules
    are moved to give form to those intricate designs of spirit.  Thus is the world created by light and sound.  
    In the story of Creation as recorded for us in the Book of Genesis, we have the spirit of the Creator
    moving out upon the face of the waters of the deep void of space and speaking the word that carried the
    command: “Let there be Light.”  Out of light and sound is all else made, including our physical bodies,
    minds and hearts.

    A tool to facilitate attunement

    Sound, then, is a tool for creation.  Not just any sound.   Sound that carries a tone and a wave form that
    is coherent and pure.   We call that “music”— the “music of the spheres.”  Such music arises out of
    silence and stillness.
    Musical sound is being used extensively and increasingly in the healing arts.   It may be used effectively
    with attunement.  Our use of sound in attunement is not so much to heal our physical ills as it is to
    generate the rarified spiritual substance (pneumaplasm) that connects spirit and form, so that spirit has
    a means of entering and managing the world of physical form. This is the medium for the propagation of
    the Tone through which love comes forth out of heaven to touch the earth of our flesh — or, perhaps
    more accurately, how flesh rises to touch heaven, spiritualized by the movement of the Spirit of Love
    through it.  When flesh is touched by love, it is made whole, transformed, and uplifted.

    At a core level, we are already whole  
    and complete.  The frequencies of the
    Spirit of Love, as reflected in the rain-
    bow of the light spectrum and in the
    seven notes of the musical octave, are
    already present and inherent in the
    Tone that is sounding in all of creation,
    including our flesh, maintaining its
    existence and function.  The physical
    body will reflect that wholeness to the
    extent there is attunement with spirit
    at the core of one's Being.  In Being
    are all the qualities and characteristics
    needed for life and healthy function
    in our physical bodies. So, wholeness, health, already is . If there is a lack of the experience of health in
    the physical body-mind and heart, it may well be due to a lack of attunement between the perfection of
    Being and the physical form.
    The outer form knows health and wholeness when the qualities and characteristics of inner Being are
    actually expressed in one’s living, and two of the chief qualities of Being are thankfulness and
    appreciation : "In all things give thanks." It is music to the ear to hear someone expresses thankfulness.
    A chief characteristic of Being is forgiveness — the instantaneous release of whatever would bind you
    to another person's hurtful expression and behavior, or bind them to you. If something is upsetting you,
    give thanks and then let it go! Such expression clears your substance of any and all distortion so that the
    unfettered expression of the perfection of spirit can come on through.          For that expression to be
    accurate, there needs to be plenty of this connecting substance of pneumaplasm present between spirit
    and form.  Musical sound, such as chanting and toning, is very generative of this substance. With
    enough of this silvery substance in place, spirit has a means of healing the body and thereby revealing
    the perfection of Being in and through the Human form, creating in the flow a whole human being.

    In summary, then, healing is not our first concern. That is the domain of spirit. Our first concern is the
    generation of substance through which spirit may move, and even that is done by spirit. We may simply
    facilitate the process. Music, sacred sound, is a tool to facilitate that movement of spirit, especially
    when the person receiving the attunement is invited to participate.
    It isn't, therefore, the sound that offers healing to the body, but the spirit moving upon the surface of the
    sound waves. Spirit brings the information and instruction the cells need to carry out their various roles
    in the body. That information is held sacred and intact in the ray of light emanating from the core of
    Being.  Pneumaplasm is the medium for the transference of those messages and instructions. A person
    who aspires to share attunement with love is rightly concerned to live a life that manifests and reveals
    the light of spirit. Such a person may be described as an emissary of light divine, bringing the beautiful
    and joyful Tone of love into one's world for all to resonate with and attune to in their living.
    "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands,” sings the psalmist.  When the dynamics of light and
    sound are allowed to work in harmony with one another, the “noise” they make is a joyful and uplifting
Attunement with Sacred Sound
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