Attunement with Sacred Sound                           

            Next workshop intensive in the Sacred Healing Arts

                                        To Be Announced

               For More Info call Dr. Palombo (337) 802-5510

Dr. Anthony Palombo
     I invite you to join me in a magical intensive of attunement with sacred sound.
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    I believe in the very core of my soul that music is the essence of life.  For it can lift the
    heart to heaven’s gate and open this portal to love’s outpouring blessing.  And in the
    midst of that blessing we find our Self standing upright and beautiful, singing a
    magnificent world into being, where harmony, rhythm and melody  blend together to
    create perfection and balance in every form . . . and especially in this human form that
    gives heart, mind, voice and flesh to God on Earth.  In these instruments we have the
    tools and the technology that connect heaven and earth and thereby bring the Music of
    the Spheres into this world to create all things new. This I believe with every fiber of my
    being.       –Anthony Palombo