Steps in the Attunement Process
Step 1
Balancing the Cervicals
The first step is to balance the energy flowing from the head through the cervical spine and
down into the body.  This may take a couple of minutes as the energy going out on the giving
side (right) balances with that which is returning on the receiving side (left).  The head here
represents the "heaven" and the body the "earth."  When the heaven and the earth are in
attunement there is radiation.  With radiation comes response from the body cells.  Their
response points them in the same direction toward the Source of radiation at the core of Being
where love abides, drawing them together in a pattern of attraction to Source and toward one
another.  A focus of spiritual energy is clearly felt as the Attunement Current begins to move.  
We are ready now to begin moving with the current to attune the fields surrounding the
various glands, organs and systems of the body.
      Step 2
Balancing the Endocrine System
This technique involves focusing the attunement current on each endocrine gland to balance
the energy fields around them.  There are seven glands in all: the Pineal Body and Pituitary
Gland in the cranium; the Thyroid Gland in the front of the neck ;  the Thymus Gland
behind the sternum and in front of the heart; the Islets of Langerhans in the Pancreas; the
Adrenal Glands atop the kidneys;  and the Gonads (ovaries and testes) in the pelvic region.  
These glands serve two profound and vital functions: first as energy gateways and second as
hormone production centers. The hormonal crystals produced by these endocrine glands are
designed to convey the unique frequencies of their respective energy centers to the body cells,
which are stimulated accordingly to perform their various roles in the body.
     Step 3
Balancing the Chakra System
The seven Chakras are balanced in the same manner as the seven endocrine glands, only the
hands are held further away from the body just above each Chakra during the Spring and
Summer and closer to the body during the Winter and Fall  months.  The Chakra System
serves as a feedback to the Endocrine System for the energy coming back from out of the
immediate atmosphere surrounding the person.   In a more profound sense, it is the
mechanism for the inhaling cycle of the Breath of Life, just as the Endocrine System is the
mechanism for the exhaling of the breath of life.  The spiritual being we are breathes in and
out through these two complementary energy systems.
                 Step 4
Balancing the Energy Fields of the Organs
The energy fields around the organs are balanced in the same manner as the endocrine
glands, with the hands of the server held in a focused way over each organ, starting with
the large intestines and working upward to the brain, where all the organs and tissue cells
in the body are represented in the lobes of the cerebrum.  Each organ has a corresponding
energy gateway in the face, feet and along the meridians of energy in the body.   
   Step 5  
Balancing the Energy Grid
of the Long Bones
The energy grid connecting the long bones of the skeletal system are clarified and balanced
using a technique of "holding" each grid line between the hands and letting the
attuenement current work its magic in and through the bones.  The bones play a vital role
in the immune alliance of the body, focused in the Thymus Gland and assisted by the
spleen and lymphatic system. This fortress of hallow bones contains the marrow which
manufactures and stores red blood cells (erythrocytes) as well as white blood cells
(leukocytes) in the form of B lymphocytes.   The bones are where a person's living legacy is
stored in the silica "memory chips." One may utilize the attunement service to bless and
sanctify the vibrational substance of the Elders among us and to assist it toward ascension
as the angel incarnate nears the finals days of his or her time here on earth.
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